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I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for believing in me and pulling me to one side for a good talking to. Thanks for all the opportunities I have been given in the casting room. Over the years they have taught me the art of settling and just being me regardless of the nerves. I’m not blowing smoke up your backside, I’m just being honest and it’s important to me that you know this.

Kris Hitchen
Manchester Student - September 2018


Kris recently filmed the lead role in the new Ken Loach film 'Sorry We Missed You'

Press Release

UK Cinema Release - May 2019


"The extraordinary Hitchen, a former self-employed plumber who came to acting at age 40 and is like a blue-collar Damian Lewis, anchors the drama with wrenching authenticity..."

Hollywood Reporter

What our actors are saying...

I just wanted to say 'thank you' for the Agent Panel. Act4tv has been very instrumental in helping me turn many corners and grow. 
But best of all it's the one place I can be
myself. I am so glad I stumbled upon it back in 2016. It's not said enough, but you run a wee gem of an institution...

Farah Ahmed


I wanted to mentioned that thanks to Charlie’s support I actual filmed my first commercial last week for Sofology. 
I’m also booked for another commercial
in 3 weeks.

Sid James

Manchester Student 2018

Act4tv prepared me to feel comfortable working on a set, I knew how and where to hit my marks and it gave me the confidence to feel at home on a working set. Act4tv also gave me the skills to secure jobs and perform to the best of my ability and I would not be where I am today without their on-going support and teaching.

Samantha Rushton

Manchester Student 2018

I have been attending act4tv weekly classes for around 15 month. I have learnt so much in those months, from improving my camera technique, the ability to apply everything I know to a cold read and feel confident with it in a short space of time and how to approach different casting situations.


I feel I have grown a lot as an actor because the tutors are all working professionals who have a wealth of knowledge and are always pushing, driving and inspiring me to be better! I know other students feel this way too!


I have also attended many of the great workshops act4tv offer with influential people working in the film and TV industry. This has given me the opportunity to meet new people who also offer great advice.


Everybody who works at act4tv is super supportive and have your best interests at heart and are always on hand to help in any way they can. From having a chat about how to improve in all areas of the business to helping with self-tapes.


We are always learning and I personally think act4tv is a great place to do that, because it is a safe space where you can push the boundaries, fail and then grow from that.

Nathan Graham
Leeds Student - April  2019


Nathan will be joining the cast of Coronation Street as James Bailey (Series Regular).


ITV Press Release

Marc Hughes.png

I found myself getting really rusty at auditions and I realised it was because I was out of practice. I decided to join Act4tv to fill the gaps between auditions so I was best prepared. My time there confirmed to me that absolutely nothing can prepare you better for film and tv auditions than Act4tv. Michael and my tutor Joe were honest and supportive and my classmates really made it a warm and welcoming environment to learn in.

Marc Hughes
Manchester Student - September 2018

Marc can be seen as 'Ellis' in the 2018 WW2 film Hurricane