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Adults (18+)

When: Weekday - Evenings & Wednesday Afternoon** 

Where: Manchester, Leeds & Liverpool

Fees: £20 per class*

*Classes are non transferable.​ No refunds or credits for any missed classes.

The Act4tv Group offers actors a training course with a difference, rather than focusing simply on the part when you've got the job. We help develop the skills and competences required when auditioning for an acting role in tv or film.

All courses have been developed to ensure that actors are fully engaged at all times and performing as much as possible. Each course explores the various elements required when acting and auditioning for tv and film:


  • Delivering Idents

  • Cold Reading

  • Getting the most from a script in 15 mins

  • Breaking down and understanding the subtext of a scene.

  • Improvisation Technique

In addition, all performances are recorded and viewed in class so that constructive feedback can be given. Students can also view their own work online, in the privacy of their own home. This has proved to be a valuable learning tool - particularly when comparing performances at the start of the course to those later on.

Term Dates